Self Laying Code of Practice for Water Mains and Services CoverThis new edition of the Code of Practice reflects the experience of the UK Water Industry and the contractors involved in the self-laying of new water mains since the first edition of the Code was published in 2004.

  • Part 1 of the code sets out the guidance for Developers/Self Lay Organisations (SLOs) wishing to undertake the self-laying of water mains and services. This has been updated with better defined requirements for competence and clearer guidance on the roles of the Developer, SLO and Water Company.
  • Part 2 now defines the stages of the self-lay process from application by the Developer/SLO through to adoption by the Water Company.
  • Part 3 provides detailed design and construction of mains and services.

Ofwat encourages the use of this Code of Practice across the Water Industry in England and Wales. The Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry (CESWI) previously in Part 3 is no longer included and reference should be made to CESWI when self-laying mains.

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