Sewers for Scotland is a definitive Guide for use by developers in Scotland for the provision of sewerage. It details the procedures and provides guidance for the design and construction of such infrastructure. It is consistent with the Sewerage (Scotland) Act 1968 with respect to the provision of sewerage infrastructure for housing and industrial/commercial developments.

The document provide updated guidance for all standards and specifications required when designing new water or drainage infrastructure. All new designs received, from 1st August 2015 will be expected to align with these new design documents.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

The revised version of ‘Sewers For Scotland’ contains all information required to design and manage surface water through the use of SUDS. The document can be viewed or downloaded below.

Note: Access to Scottish Waters Standards and Specification (S&S) documents referenced in SfS3 and WfS3 is in development. If you require a copy of S&S documents please make a request via

Guidance on the design of infrastructure follows that used by Sewers for Adoption but contains supplementary information and requirements appropriate to the Scottish Authorities. The design of pumping stations and the Civil Engineering Specification is the same as that used by Sewers for Adoption.

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