This version of Sewers for Adoption is a reduced version of the main text from Sewers for Adoption with only the clauses necessary for simple small developments.  The standards contained in them are otherwise no different than would be required by the full version of SfA7.

It is suitable for developments where:

  • there are less than ten dwellings or small commercial units (less than 100 m2 per unit);
  • there are only gravity drains and sewers (i.e., no adoptable pumping stations);
  • less than 0.5 ha of impermeable surface is to be drained by surface water sewers or drains;
  • no inspection chambers greater than 3 m in depth are to be constructed; and
  • no parts of the adoptable system will be more than 150 m from an existing manhole (i.e., a man-access chamber) of the public sewer system. 

"Sewers for Adoption 7 - Small Developments  Version- September 2013" download.   

Note: For developments which do not meet these criteria the full version of Sewers for Adoption should be used.